Sunday, 27 November 2016

Career in Lavani

Lavani has been traditionally performed by the lower caste women, namely Mahar, Matang and Kolhati. Lavni received royal patronage during the seventeenth century Peshwa rule. Though the women performed in royal courts, the stigmatization of being courtesan never left them.

But today lavani is being accepted well amongst the educated classes of Maharashtra, other states of India as well as abroad. With representation of Lavani in Bollywood movies and Marathi movies, the appeal of Lavani  have expanded .Lavani is no longer viewed as a raw expression of sexuality and pungent social, political and religious satire meant for the entertainment of tired soldiers performed by lower caste women.

Lavani offers a number of career options today which have increased the popularity of the dance form among today's women. The career opportunities offered by lavani are:

  • Choreography in Bollywood and Theatres
  • Career as a dancer
  • Dance teacher 

With the increase in popularity of lavani and presentation of lavani dance pieces in Bollywood movies(Mungda in Inkaar) and theatres the scope for career as choreographer for the lavani dancer is ever expanding.

The representation of Lavani in the Hindi movies have taken lavani beyond the boundary of  Maharashtra to audience all over India. Lavani have been appretiated by the people outside Maharashtra. There has been an incresing demand for Lavani performances from all around India and abroad. Therefore, career as a lavani dancer is a flourishing one.

If not a choreographer in Bollywood or a celebrated dancer, anyone convergent in the folk form can run a dance school and expect a considerable number of students as the appeal and popularity of Lavani is growing among the middle class. More and more girls from the middle class households are taking to the dance form.

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