Sunday, 13 November 2016

Lavani Costume

The Lavani dancers are dressed in bright coloured sarees and bedecked in golden jewellery, Lavani dancers get dressed gorgeously. The saree form a quintessential part of each Lavani performance. The saree worn by the performers is longer than the usual and is called a nauvari, which is wrapped around in a Kashta drape. 

A nauvari saree measures nine yards in length. The unique Kasta drape allows for a greater freedom of movement. The kasta drape is similar in style to the male dhoti.

Aside from the saree, lavani performers also tie their hair back in bun called a juda or ambada. The performers may also choose to wear a gajra which is a flower garland for the hair. Performers also wear heavy jewellery that includes necklace, earring, a nose ring called nath and bangles. They also wear a  kamarpatta which is a belt tied around the waist.

On their feet, performers wear payal or ghungroo which not only looks beautiful, but can also be considered a musical instrument in its own right. Lavani performers also put a bindi on their forehead.

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