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Types of Lavani

Traditionally the Lavani dance deals with different and varied subject matters such as society, religion, politics and romance. The songs in Lavani are mostly erotic in sentiment and the dialogues tend to be pungent in sociopolitical satire. Lavani songs  which are sung along with dance are usually naughty and erotic in nature. It is beleived their origin is in the Prakrit Gathas collected by Hala.

Based on content Lavani can be divided in to two subtypes -

  • Nirguni Lavani
  • Shringari Lavani
The Nirguni Lavani is of Philosophical nature, The devotional music of Nirguni cult is popular all over Malwa.

The Shringari Lavani is of a sensuous and erotic nature.

Further, Lavani developed in to two distinct performances -

  • Phadachi Lavani
  • Baithakichi Lavani

The Lavani sung and enacted in a public performance before a large audience in a theatrical atmosphere is called Phadachi Lavani.

When Lavani is sung in a closed chamber for a private and selected audience by a girl sitting before the audience by a girl sitting before the audience it is called Baithakaichi Lavani.

Another form of Lavani that developed over the time is Sangeet bari Lavani. Sangeetbari continues to be performed privately in small theatres. The women dance to any song their customers request in the long hour sessions. The songs can be in Hindi, Marathi,or even Kannada in the southern part of Maharashtra.

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