Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Lavani in Bollywood

Lavani, a Maharashtrian folk form has been a favourite with the Bollywood directors for a long time. The Bollywood divas has been often noticed swaying sensuously with lavani songs. The audience has also loved the presentation of lavani dance in Hindi movies. Some famous lavani dance in Hindi movies are as follows:

1. Mungda: This song from the movie 'Inkaar' has been loved a lot by the audience back in 1978 to till date.  The song features Helen, the then Cabaret queen of Bollywood. The dance served  not only as a twist of taste to the audience then but also provided a scope to Helen to try something out of her regular zone.

2.Humko Ajkal Hai: This song featuring Madhuri Dixit from the movie 'Sailab' made full exploitation of the seductive quality of lavani. The dance number is till date loved by the viewers.

3.Chikni Chameli: The 2012 movie Agneepath also makes good use of the folk form in the song Chikni Chameli.

4.Sava Dollar: This dance number featuring Rani Mukherjee from the movie 'Aiyaa' mesmarised the audience though the movie did not do well in box office.

5.Mala Jau De: Inspired by Madhuri Dixit. Vidya Balan received much applaud for her lavani act Mala jau de in the movie 'Ferrari ki Savari'. Bringing in the cultural essence of Maharashtra Vidya has done justice to the song.

6.Ata Majhi Satakli: After Katrina Kaif and Madhuri Dixit trying their hands on Lavani, kareena Kapoor is the latest one on the list.she sets the silver screen on fire with her lavani number Ata Majhi Satakli in Singham returns.

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